Do you know your purpose in life?
(That special thing you were meant to offer others, and especially yourself).

 Is your faith in God & Jesus Christ a big part of your life, especially when you seek answers and face difficult trials?

Do you get this feeling that you are meant for more, but you don’t know exactly what that is or where to start?

 Your trials are meant to mold your character.Your “failures” are detours in the right direction.

I was once depressed. Confused. Lacking hope. And searching for answers.

After breaking free from the worst of this black cloud (with a lot of help) I realized that life is meant to be embraced!

I found my purpose: To live a meaningful & prosperous life, while helping others do the same. I also found my calling: To give to others with my faith, heart, writing, and ability to teach-all to contribute to building the kingdom of God.

You have been given special gifts that will serve you, your family, and others.

This earthly life is only a small portion of a bigger, eternal, and more fulfilling life. We are here to learn, grow, love, and feel joy.


By reading this blog, you will…

  • Find practical steps and personal experiences that inspire lasting balance, purpose, happiness, peace and direction

  • Strengthen your faith in Christ through personal, faith-building experiences 

  • Dive deep into gospel principles that you can apply in a do-able way, daily

  • Find meaning & real-life applications from the scriptures


Who is this for?

  • Any Christian who wants to unite in a spirit of faith & collaboration, and more specifically for an LDS audience (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)
  • Anybody seeking positive and uplifting teachings to live a better life

Who is this not for?

  • Trolls, spammers,  “bashers”, and negative people
  • Those who don’t care about God or Jesus Christ
  • Anyone who cannot respect others, or cannot respect me, my faith, and my choice of religion

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