At school we don’t learn how to pass this test called LIFE. In this space we will get you back in touch with your overall faith & wellness because your happiness and success starts with yourself.

We will cover topics related to your…
PERSPECTIVE (#greatervista)
MIND & BODY (#healthyvista)

Welcome to our classroom, lifelong learners!

The Greater Vista is a positive perspective that can only be seen if you capture it, live it, and share it. It is life’s teachable moments that amount to something greater.

It symbolizes a new perspective.
It is setting our vista on the “bigger picture”, or what really matters most.

Sometimes it is a lesson learned.
Sometimes it is something inspiring in nature.
Sometimes it is someone who came to your rescue.
Sometimes it is a spiritual experience that leaves you speechless.

This requires constant practice. It is the action of looking for the good in every situation.

It is that moment that just stops time, which makes you have those “God loves me” moments. It is what changed my life- for the better!

The Greater Vista is a constant reminder of hope, love, happiness, and balance.

As lifelong learners, we need this to drown out all that is negative and welcome an abundant mindset. I invite you to learn with me. Join the Greater Vista Movement. Use the hashtag! #GreaterVista


I’m Krysta.

I am…
a sister in the faith (I’m Mormon, aka LDS)
Yes, I AM a Christian. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
This upbringing laid the foundation for all the good principles and values I honor in my life, which later SAVED my life.


Being “Mormon” is just a part of who I am. I am also…
an animated speaker
a passionate do-er
a story teller
a masterful teacher
a mental wellness advocate
a spiritual activist
all about mi familia
that straightforward-talk friend
and yes, that person who spent so much time worrying what to do “when I grow up” because I had more than one interest! (What I like to call a multi-passionate soul!)

So, you wanna know what I did? I just stuck to doing a little bit of everything!

Sports Coaching.
Serving youth in church.
Fitness Coaching.
Sales & Marketing Training.
And work on my terms:  Teaching Business & Life strategies to help others create a more meaningful and prosperous life.

This is truly my jam: Creating balance, clarity, purpose, direction, and turning your big idea into a simple action plan to create a desirable outcome.


I would be lying to you if I told you that life has been one big perfect fairy tale.

Finding true friends was difficult.
Mothering didn’t seem to come naturally to me.
Sinking into depression was challenging.
Pursuing ambitions were followed by fear.
Overthinking led to anxiety.
Perfectionism with work paralyzed me.

And trying to conform to what everyone expected of me was limiting me from creating freely and sharing my gifts in many different ways.

This blog is more of my personal calling and devotion to God and others.

God has not called me to be perfect, but through my imperfections showed me a more perfect life!

I openly share my struggles and how I pushed through them through faith and action. (That’s actually why I started blogging in the first place).

I am here to show you that YOUR possibilities are endless!



Krysta Belliston is an online influencer, blogger,  and speaker-also known as the Masterful Teacher & Intuitive Business Strategist.

Krysta’s missions is to help others create a meaningful and prosperous life they love. She is a multi-passionate soul who combines her skills and passions to help others, encouraging them to improve their lives and give back to the online space in a positive way.

Her background in teaching, coaching, blogging, sales and marketing have led her to create her own business to help other online coaches and entrepreneurs gain clarity, discover their true selves, and create instant appeal with the right message.

Under the direction of Krysta, business builders are able to get focused direction and go from a big idea, to a simple,  action-packed plan to help them deliver with a strong connection to desired audiences.

Her faith-based blog, GreaterVista.com, dives deeper into insightful practices to live a more happy & balanced life through gospel principles and a perspective-capturing life’s teachable moments (#GreaterVista). She calls this The School of Eternal Life- teaching lifelong learners what they don’t teach you at school-essential life & spiritual practices.


To contact Krysta for business please visit KrystaBelliston.com.


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