Greater Vista Movement

The Greater Vista is a positive perspective that can only be seen if you capture it, live it, and share it. It is life’s teachable moments that amount to something greater.

Enough is Enough!
Are you tired of seeing garbage blasted all over social media? I am! It drowns away all the good people, doing good things, learning new things, and making great accomplishments!

Together, we CAN change this.

The Movement
I INVITE you and CHALLENGE you to drown out negative posts on social media, that don’t uplift.

Use the hashtag: #greatervista when you capture a happy moment, an insight, great news, and wonderful people doing amazing things.

Here is an example (true story):

While on a teaching internship in Guatemala, I realized that the power was not in my teaching. The power was in God’s love for all his children. It is this love that empowered me to give children and women a sense of hope and ambition #greatervista

Picture This
Are you already seeing how BIG we can make this? This will call for a daily happy dance. (At least that’s what I do with good news. Oh… and when I clean, too. Don’t tell me you don’t do that?)


Where did this come from?
I have to give credit where credit is due. I found this perspective through faith in God, on my road to healing from depression and anxiety.

So, what exactly does the Greater Vista mean, again?
Capturing life’s teachable moments in every situation we are placed in.

Let’s keep our vista set on the great things that life has to offer us.



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