Pull the Plug

I finally decided to pull the plug… on my phone, that is.

I first took a break from blogging when my love for writing took a backseat for a more optimized post instead.

I took a break from Instagram when checking my notifications distracted me from play time with my boy.

I took a break from Facebook.

To put it simply, I took a break from my phone.

I “pulled the plug”.

I didn’t stop completely. (I had to be realistic with myself). I just set a limit!

You see, my mind never stops running. I keep thinking. I keep writing. I keep thinking. I keep over scheduling myself. I keep reading more about people. I keep wanting to learn more.

Two Sunday’s ago, the bishop from church was prompted to reiterate a message given in General Conference about what’s good, better, and best. This message was directed right at me. I knew it. God knew it. (The night before, I was praying to find balance in my life, specifically to be able to manage my time better).

With that said,

it’s GOOD to dive into the Internet to learn from someone’s writing and experiences; but it is BETTER to participate in real-life conversations with those around us. It is BEST to find balance between both realms of communication.

Smartphones and technology have opened a world of discovery and wonder. I gotta give it to them for that. It’s just, as you read in my examples above, its use can consume most of our time.

I barely got a smartphone when I graduated from BYU. (Only because I couldn’t afford one at the time). Once I got my hands on one though, I relied on it for everything. It was wonderful and creepy at the same time. (IT recognizes your fingerprint, knows where you left off reading, and guesses what you want to type.)

Here’s what it all comes down to, and what I have to ask myself:

“In that moment, what matters most?”

In that moment, I found the Greater Vista: What matters most is quality time with family and motherhood. I had to “pull the plug” to get this wake-up call. I’m glad it came earlier than later. I’ve had more moments where nothing else mattered more than watching my boy learn and develop, teaching him new skills, and enjoying my time as a mother

I find it interesting that while I put my thoughts together about this topic, I was being led to other moms and bloggers who made the same discovery:

Ruth from, “Living Well Spending Less”said:

“…my definition of what “Living Well” means has changed. I’ve realized that all those things I thought I wanted and needed don’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things, and a life well lived is not so much about what we have as who we are.”

Stephanie Nielsen, blogger of “NieNieDialogues”” and author of “Heaven is Here” said:

“Happiness was my choice… I am the only one who can stand in the way of it. “

Rachel Macy Stafford, aka “Hands Free Mama”, really brought it all together for me when she said:

“I have practiced in some way, every single day, to let go of “daily distraction” and place my focus on someone or something meaningful. The results have been profound. In fact, for the first time in my life, I don’t feel like I am constantly trying to catch up. I don’t feel anxious or stressed. I am more patient, more spontaneous, and more connected with my family than I have ever been. I am witnessing and experiencing the simple, joyful things around me that I was too distracted to notice before. I am now free to grasp what really matters. “

I know I was not led to them by coincidence. I know I was meant to learn this lesson, a step at a time, and with a much greater Vista. This is the Greater Vista with Krysta. Come again and join me on my quest to “see the big picture”.

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